Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Samsung HD204UI Firmware Upgrade

Recently when I logged into my DS211j I was greeted with a message telling me that I the write cache was disabled on my SamsungHD204UI 2 TB drives due to a firmware issue. (Read here for background on my Synology Setup).

A notice on the Samsung website, worded as only someone with English as a second language could, indicated the issue and had installation instructions for the fix.
If identify commmand is issued from host during NCQ write command in the condition of PC ,
write condition is unstable.
So It can make the loss of written data.
I found some other instructions on how to perform the upgrade on various forums and the like, but the most clearly worded one was on trusty old Whirlpool, which I tend not to frequent because of the tendency towards Whingepool that it displays. It is however good for specific issues or Australian ISP related questions. I followed the instructions provided in this thread and it was a fairly straightforward process.

The most annoying part of this was that I had to both pull apart my NAS and my desktop computer and flash a USB key to achieve the firmware upgrade (which only took about 20 seconds per disk).

It seems that my DS211j NAS is happy again now and I can continue on my merry way.