Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want to remote log out in Skype? Change your password

What a crock! I mean seriously how could you not have a feature like this implemented better?

 Here is the official word on how you remote log out another Skype client you left logged in.
Change your password to make remote Skype clients sign out
Go to File | Change Password
Follow the instructions to change your password.
Now sign out using File | Sign Out
Wait a minute or so
Then sign in again using your new password.
After a short period of time any remote Skype clients that were logged into your Skype username should stop working. They will require the new password in order to log in again.
Doesn't this strike you as kind crap? I mean have a look at Gmail's implementation, simple and effective. I think its an awesome feature that you can log in on multiple computers but also when you implement that feature you have to implement remote log out. The two really go hand in hand if you want a complete solution. It's like implementing login and not logout.

Skype should really get this sorted out in the future, particularly if they are interested in gaining corporate level clients. Just my two cents.


  1. This isn't as simple as it looks, methinks. Imagine two people logged into the same account, and they both hit the "remote logout" button...

    Which one is the real Toby?

  2. Log them both out and let the real one log back in again. Sure there are some corner cases, but they are not insurmountable!

  3. Just type /remotelogout in any chat window..